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Brooch Pins Custom makes your clothes not monotonous

Published on Nov. 27, 2019

It is embarrassing to wear winter clothes, that is, there will be many clothes of the same color and similar style. Obviously they wear different clothes every day, but just like straight men can't distinguish lipsticks, they can never distinguish your coats from the waist, straight, and silhouette. In fact, only a little caution is needed to resolve this embarrassment. The name of this great savior is-Brooch Pins Custom. The brooch can not only save the man's blindness but also put different styles on the same piece of clothing. Unfortunately, many people have their brooches lying in jewelry boxes for a long time because they don't know how to wear them. Ms. Chanel said: "The brooch is very practical. It can be worn on the collar of the suit, on the pocket, on the hat, on the belt or on the evening dress."

Custom Enamel Pin

Custom Enamel Pin

Today we will talk about the 10 ways to wear brooches. I hope to give you some inspiration. When it comes to Custom Enamel Pin, the one who has to mention is the Queen of England. She wears a brooch shape, which can connect around the earth. The way the queen wears a brooch is simple, and she usually wears it directly on the left collar. She also uses the same brooch for different clothes. This ruby brooch, which she wears from young to old, has really witnessed the Queen's years.

Princess Kate often wears brooches on formal occasions. The royal women are so delicate. It can be seen that from the Queen of England to Princess Kate, brooches are worn on the left collar or chest. This is also the most error-free way of wearing, which is suitable for any occasion. However, we sometimes wear clothes not to make mistakes. Therefore, there are some advanced wearing methods. For example, wear a brooch on the neckline. This wearing method is similar to the role of a bow tie. There are many solid-colored coats in winter, and we can change its monotony with exaggerated accessories. Wearing it on the neckline is the same as wearing it on the chest. The difficulty factor is almost 0. If you have a lot of stock in your home, you may wish to mix it carefully to make a necklace. But everyone remembers that it must be the same style. If you are attending a party, you can be more deliberate. For example, wear a brooch behind your collar. In addition to the above, there is a common wearing method, which is not on the waist. Girls with thin waists can use this method to instantly attract the eyes of others to your waist. Sometimes the clothes are a little bit fatter. You can also use this method to make some adjustments.

Don't be behind the waist is another style. I like to pin the brooch to the sleeve of the sleeve because very few people do it, so it looks special. I have to say that this is really the secret weapon to save solid shirts. Winter coats usually have large pockets, and it is also a good idea to modify the pockets with brooches. Our company is Glitter Enamel Pin wholesaler, welcome to consult.

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