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Choosing The Right Custom Patch Attachment Method

Choosing The Right Custom Patch Attachment Method

Published on Mar. 15, 2019

Custom Iron On Patches are a terrific way to promote your brand , make a statement, or even make a joke. Whether part of a uniform, a custom jacket or even a backpack, patches help tell the world who you're. Choosing on the proper Custom Made Lapel Pins attachment method depends on your intended use. With a little information, it's easy to select the right way to attach your patches to hats, shirts, coats, jeans, backpacks or just about anything else.

Sew On Embroidered Patches are sewn directly onto garments. This is the most basic way to attach patches, and the most permanent. Your patches will be sent to you in the most basic form, with no further attachment provisions. They are designed to be positioned on the garment, then sewn into place.

Iron on Embroidery Patch add a heat sensitive adhesive to the back of the patches. Once positioned on the garment, a cloth is placed over the patch to protect the design. Then a hot iron is placed briefly (20 to 30 seconds) atop the cloth to melt the adhesive onto the garment securing the patch in place. This is the easiest method of permanent attachment.

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