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Common Problem Of Badge Production 2

Common Problem Of Badge Production 2

Published on May. 27, 2019

As a Metal Lapel Pins Manufacturer, we continue to share with you the common questions about badge production. Metal badges are generally thorny horses on the back, but some are one, some are two. The length of the needle is also different, so the problem comes, we must pay attention when opening the bill, the number of needles must be written Come out, it is the left and right needles or the upper and lower needles.

After that, it is necessary to clean the plating. The product has gold-plated nickel plating. Sometimes, it is found that there are many bubbles on the product after electroplating, so it is necessary to rework, otherwise it will be bulged after coloring. It is necessary to start coloring after electroplating. This is a very important link. Some products have more lines and the color will be difficult. Because it is hand-colored, some products may have very fine fluffy things. Such products can not be given to the guests, in addition, there will be color errors and leaks. Therefore, every person must be careful and careful to avoid such problems. If the product is good, it can be put in the packaging room. When packaging, pay attention to see the packaging requirements. Some are blank bags. Some customers will choose OPP self-adhesive bags. Some customers also need special bags, so we have to be optimistic. Written on the order, otherwise it will be a very bad impression after the mistake. This is a common problem in production.

A good metal badge, not only from the perspective of design and production, but also pay attention to the details of the entire process.

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