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What Are The Criteria for Judging High-end Badges?

Published on Aug. 19, 2019

First, in terms of materials. Usually, precious metals such as pure gold and sterling silver are not commonly used in the production of Metal Lapel Pin. The first material for the high-grade badge is copper, especially copper or copper. Because the material of the red copper is soft, it is easier to make various texts or patterns on it. In addition, copper also has good corrosion resistance, wear resistance, enforceability and excellent mechanical functions, so copper is the first material for high-grade badges.

Secondly, the craftsmanship of the badge is also one of the factors that determine whether a badge is upscale. Generally speaking, the manufacturing process for high-end items is relatively complicated. The enamel process is one of the complex craftsmanship in badge making, so the Enamel Lapel Pin is a true upscale badge. Because the craftsmanship is similar to the craftsmanship, the imitation badge can also be regarded as a high-grade badge. The printed badges, bite badges, Epoxy badges, and paint badges are relatively simple, and can only be regarded as ordinary badges. In particular, badges made of stainless steel or aluminum, alloys, etc., are especially suitable for customers who have special requirements for cost control.

Enamel Lapel Pin

Enamel Lapel Pin

In addition, badge design, badge accessories will also affect the quality of the badge. A true high-quality badge, its design must be reasonable, high-end.

In addition, a high-quality badge requires that the surface plating part be free of air bubbles, and the color should be uniform. Generally, it must be polished twice by coarse and fine, and then it must be polished before being rubbed into the color. Silver welding for welding, plating method is hanging plating. If you are doing antiques, you can't use the method of painting, but polish it first and then polish it.

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