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How To Sew On A Patch?

How To Sew On A Patch?

Published on Mar. 19, 2019

When it comes to custom patches, sewn-on patches offer the ultimate in durability and proper appearance.

Start by washing and drying the item to which you need to attach the Merrowed Embroidered Patch. Even though it may appear unnecessary, some fabrics will shrink somewhat when laundered. This measure prevents the material from shifting or bunching once you sew your Custom Patches For Jackets.

If your material requires it, iron before you start to sew. Your patch site should be clean, dry and wrinkle-free before you begin. By the way, make sure your work area has adequate lighting. You want to be able to see your work as you go.

The real key to successfully sewing on your Sew On Embroidered Patches is placement. Experiment with different locations on your garment till you find the one which's just perfect. Then use hooks to hold the patch in place till you get started stitching it on. For people who have not yet discovered how to sew a patch, then iron-on backing is a fantastic option. You can iron on patches, then sew them into position till you get the hang of it, and change to regular sew-on stains for after clothes.

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