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What Are the Manufacturing Methods of Custom Medals?

Published on Sep. 25, 2019

The high-end Custom Medals is a general term for a class of excellent medals. It is generally well-made, clean, with appropriate fonts and beautiful packaging. According to the shape, it can be divided into medals, medals, and prizes. Common metal materials: made of aluminum, iron, zinc alloy, copper, gold, silver, etc., also made of stone, wood, resin, organic, or even several kinds. According to different process materials, it can be divided into bronze, aluminum screen printing, stainless steel, titanium gold, sand gold, gold, gold, car paint, and flat printing. As a Glitter Enamel Pin Wholesaler, let us explain in detail a bit.

1. Medal design style

The primary factor for high-end medals is the style and style of the medal design. The shape must be special and unconventional, which is a rare type on the market.

2. Materials for medal making

The production materials of high-grade Custom Medals, from the current demand for medal makers, it is clear that bronze medals and stainless steel medals can no longer meet the high-end needs of customers. The choice of medal materials determines whether the medals are high-end.

3. Craftsmanship production process

In the Custom Medals production industry, the production process and production process of the medals will make this medal show its original medal value orientation in terms of high-end and uniqueness.

4. The price of the medal making

Value for money has always been the law of value in any industry or any commodity. It is now difficult to get high-end products at very low prices.

5. The font standard of the medal

Many medals claim to be high-end medals, but the fonts in the medals are not used. The typeface of the medal is set to which font, which font is set in the text, and I don't know. All commonly used fonts are to be understood.

Custom Medals

Custom Medals

6. The contents of the medals are correct.

The easiest to ignore is the comparison of Metal Custom Medal content. When making a high-end medal, it is important to check and check the content of the medal.

7. Medal cleaning of medals

A colorful medal layout, I believe no one will like it. The cleansing here is not dirty, mainly refers to chaos and disorder.

8. The main points of the medal are distinct

For the production of high-grade medals, it is necessary to make the main and secondary decisions on the style and style of the medals, the content and the text, and the award-winning demand. High-end medals, whether you want to show up in the high-grade materials of medal making, or to show in the craft of medal making.

9. The details of the medals are perfect

High-end medals in daily production, there will be many details to be carefully improved. In addition to the main big aspects, attention to local details is also necessary to strengthen. For example, what kind of medals are used, and what kind of medal backboards are used to match them, it is also not to be underestimated.

10. The medals are beautifully packaged.

The packaging of the high-end Metal Medal is like the dressing and dressing of each of us. The color matching is a natural beauty, generous and decent, and the outer packaging of high-grade medals. In its selection, the focus is on matching. It is very elegant to use ordinary carton or high-grade wooden brocade box. How to package depends entirely on the high-end and authority of the medal recipients.

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