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In the Medal Making Process, Gold plating, Silver plating, Nickel plating, Which is Better?

Published on Aug. 27, 2019

Generally speaking, the friends who work at the medal makers know that many guests will ask for gold medals, and gold-plated medals are usually shiny. In addition, gold-plated medals are also graded, and many people will often wonder whether it is plated real gold. As a Lapel Pin Manufacturer, let's talk to you.

Metal Medal

Metal Medal

In fact, Custom Medals can be plated with real gold. Electroplated gold is usually divided into 18K gold, 20K gold, and 24K gold. These real gold effects will be better, bright color, strong metal, and important is not easy to be oxidized. This is also very easy to keep. However, the price is relatively high, so most customers still choose to imitation gold. In addition, we can also be divided into high light and matte gold according to the gloss of the surface, high light is also called bright gold, and dumb gold is also called pearl gold. Generally speaking, color and metal is inferior to real gold, but for ordinary medals, this is a good choice.

Metal Medal

Metal Medal

In the production of Metal Medal, there is silver plating, but electroplating is rarely used. This is because the metal of silver is more active and very easy to form oxidized, grayed and blackened, so the color effect is not Especially good. In addition, the price is also very high, so electroplating silver is not an unsuitable choice. Therefore, most of the Custom Medals production prefer to use nickel plating to achieve the silver effect of the medal, and the use of nickel plating is relatively lower than the cost of silver plating, and the characteristics are much more stable.

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