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Why Did Metal Lapel Pin Become the Mainstream of Badge Making?

Published on Jul. 02, 2019

Most of the badges on the market today are metal badges. It can be said that metal badges have become the mainstream of badge production on the market. So why is it the mainstream of Metal Lapel Pin? What are its characteristics? As an Enamel Lapel Pin Manufacturer, let's take a look at it.

First, stainless steel, also known as stainless steel, is mainly used to make printed badges, also known as Epoxy badges, which are generally 0.5mm and 0.8mm thick. The main features of the stainless steel badge are: strong corrosion resistance, durable metal cost-effective, and its surface printing color are rich, decorative effect is outstanding, is a good choice for making badges.

Metal Pin Badge

Second, iron is one of our most common materials. It has a characteristic of good hardness and relatively low price. Therefore, the Metal Lapel Pin made of iron is much cheaper and is plated or painted on the surface of the icon badge. The effect is very similar to the copper badge, and it also has a good texture.

Third, copper is the preferred metal for making high-grade badges. Among them, copper is used for the production of Enamel Lapel Pin, and brass and bronze are mainly used for making Enamel Lapel Pins such as badges and painted badges. The metal material of copper is relatively soft. It is made of metal badges. The metal badges produced are beautiful and of good quality. The general thickness is 1.2 mm, 1.5 mm or 1.8 mm, and the thickness of the medals is generally 3 mm.

Metal Pin Badge

Fourth, the zinc alloy is a material used for the die-cast metal badge. Zinc alloy has several features that are ideal for making metal badges, suitable for making three-dimensional badges and double-sided commemorative coins.

Therefore, the excellent performance of metal has become the mainstream of the current badge production and has been liked by people. For more information on Metal Pin Badge, please follow our website, https://www.pinstar.cn/

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