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What Problems Will Lapel Pin Badges Encounter When Making It?

Published on Jul. 15, 2019

In the Lapel Pin production process is not easy, it will also have many problems, then what are the main problems? Let's take a look at it with the Enamel Lapel Pin Manufacturer.

Promotional Badges

After the Promotional Badges design has no problem, it will be sent to the production department for production. The first pressed Custom Badges will be sent to the polishing department for a throwing process. This will eliminate the burrs of the corners, and the polished Custom Badges products are very smooth. However, in the process of polishing, we must pay attention to the strength, because it is easy to cause the phenomenon of throwing the weight, that is, the so-called line is gone. The Custom Badges effect is not only unsightly, but also difficult to operate for subsequent coloring problems. Promotional Badges accessories thorn horse needles, accessories Promotional Badges, need a welding process, you need to pay attention to the order when welding, is a single needle or double needle, also pay attention to the needle position, do not weld error.

Promotional Badges

The other is electroplating. When plating, be sure to pay attention to avoid bubbles, pitting and other problems on the product. After plating, the coloring process can be carried out. This is also a very important link. Because Promotional Badges are all hand-operated, you must pay attention to environmental hygiene during production, otherwise there will be impurities and other problems after filling. After the color is baked, it is not smooth enough, especially pay attention to avoid leakage, discoloration, and exposure.

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