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Shiny Badge, Cannot Be Separated from Reasonable Plating

Published on Jul. 08, 2019

In the process of making badges, electroplating is often required. Correct plating can effectively improve the appearance and quality of the badge. So how do we do the right electroplating? As a Lapel Pin Manufacturer, let's explain it to everyone.

Metal Lapel Pin

Nickel plating is a common electroplating process in the production of badges. Nickel plating is a method of electrolyzing or chemically depositing a layer of nickel on a metal or non-metal. Nickel plating is divided into electroplated nickel and electroless nickel plating. Metal Lapel Pin can be made by different methods of electroplating nickel depending on the process. Our common silver badge is actually a nickel-plated badge. Silver plating is rarely used in the making of badges. Although they are similar in appearance, they have bright silver, but electroplated nickel is obviously stable with silver plating. Silver is active. If it is exposed to air for a long time, it is easy to oxidize, gradually become gray and black, and the appearance loses its aesthetic appearance. After the nickel is electroplated on the surface of the badge, it can last for a long time. When the Metal Lapel Pin is made from other badge materials such as copper, zinc alloy, iron, etc., the nickel plating process can also be applied.

Metal Lapel Pin

Therefore, the correct plating of Metal Lapel Pin is very important, and good plating can effectively guarantee the quality of the badge.

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