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What Are The Differences Between Woven Badges And Embroidery Badges?

What Are The Differences Between Woven Badges And Embroidery Badges?

Published on Mar. 28, 2019

As an Embroidered Patches Manufacturer, let's introduce the difference between a woven badge and an embroidery badge.

The woven badges and embroidered badges are not very different in appearance, but the process of making them is very different.

What is a woven badge? It refers to the car on the clothes, pants, including the text, letters, LOGO pattern of the cloth label.

What is an embroidery badge? It refers to embroidering LOGO or pattern on the fabric through a computer through an embroidery machine, etc., and then performing a series of cutting and modification on the fabric, and finally making a cloth badge with embroidery, that is, an embroidery badge, such as Sweet Dreams Embroidery Patch produced by our company.

The above two are cloth badges, which are most widely used in various casual wear, hats (cap badges), epaulettes (shoulder badges) and so on. Because they are all custom styles, they are all customized according to the guest's logo or artwork.

But what is the difference between an embroidery badge and a woven badge? In fact, in simple terms, one pattern is directly woven by the machine, and one is embroidered on the cloth. The feel of the hand varies from person to person. The feel of the embroidery badge is a three-dimensional one when touched, and the woven badge is a simple plane.

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