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Technology For Printing Badges

Technology For Printing Badges

Published on Jun. 11, 2019

As Promotional Badges Manufacturer, let's talk about the techniques for printing badges for everyone.

One is screen printing and the other is flat printing. The technology of screen-printing badges is mainly for simple graphics, less color badges, because the technology is simpler and the construction period is shorter, so the price of screen-printed badges is cheaper than flat-panel badges; There are more colors, especially gradients, so the corresponding flat-panel printed badges are more sophisticated and sophisticated. At the end of the process, a layer of bright resin (Boli) protection will be added to the exterior of the badge, which makes the whole badge look very bright and smooth. It is also because the badge is decorated with a layer of Boli protection, so the badge is printed. Also known as the Epoxy Badge. The technical process of printing badges is as follows: screen printing system - printing raw material preparation - printing - drying - Gabriel - inspection - packaging.

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