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Do You Know The Craft Of The High-grade Badge?

Published on Jun. 15, 2019

Promotional Badges Manufacturer is here today to share the production process of the High-grade badge.

First, look at the badge production materials. High-grade badges such as true badges and imitation badges are generally copper. Due to the soft texture of copper, it is easy to make various badge designs. At the same time, the badge made of copper is strong and difficult to oxidize. Etc., so copper became the preferred material for the manufacture of High-grade badges.

Secondly, from the perspective of the badge manufacturing process. However, the manufacturing process of High-grade badge products is relatively complicated, such as the manufacture of the true badges, the design of the badges - the manufacture of molds - the production of embryos - the feeding of materials and the stop of baking - stop grinding - polishing - plating - packaging After several steps, the manufacturing process is more complicated and the processing time is longer. Other badges such as bite badges, printed badges, Epoxy badges, etc., are much simpler in the manufacturing process, and the construction period is shorter. Suitable for large-volume manufacturing, the price is also much cheaper, such as Custom Enamel Lapel Pins. Some high-end badges, such as paint badges and imitation badges, are more complicated than the low-end badges, but they are much simpler than the High-grade badges.

Custom Lapel Pins

In addition, some of the older ones, the badges with more valuable value or investment value are also High-grade badges. Of course, they may be limited by crafts at the time, and their manufacturing process must be excellent, but because of the historical significance, they represent, etc. It is loved by badge collectors or investors.

The High-grade badge is one of the good business gifts for some important events; or in order to remember some serious historical things, these badges often have high collection value.

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