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What Are the Tips for Making Badges?

Published on Jul. 30, 2019

Metal Lapel Pin is made in the production process, if you use some tips, then you can do more with less. Lapel Pin Manufacturer will tell you about the tips of badge making.

1. The engraving setting selects the three-dimensional engraving scheme as much as possible and selects the 90-degree cone knife for engraving, which visually weakens the roughness of the engraved surface of the fiber sheet.

Metal Lapel Pin

2. When using self-painting to fill the color, spray the color paint on the paper cup for 15 minutes, then fill it with a brush. Otherwise, the highly corrosive thinner from the paint will damage the paint surface of the workpiece.

3. Since the surface of the workpiece is pasted with a sticky note before engraving, you can operate with confidence when filling. Directly use the brush to fill the color, save paint, save labor, the effect is not bad.

Metal Lapel Pin

4. When engraving is set, do not appear layered engraving, set to the optimal depth at one time, which can be achieved by changing the tool. This is because the layered engraving will have a stack of marks, which affects the smoothness of the paint on the engraved parts.

After reading the above content, I believe that everyone knows the tips of the badge design. I hope to be helpful. For more information about Custom Badges, please follow our website.

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