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Types Of Embroidery Badge

Types Of Embroidery Badge

Published on Apr. 03, 2019

As an Embroidered Patches Manufacturer, let's introduce the types of embroidery badges.

There are several types of embroidery badges.

1. Gold and silver badges. This badge is handmade and is most common in Pakistan and Jordan. It is by hand embroidering gold and silver threads directly on the base fabric to form a pattern. The egg-shaped seal on the naval officer's helmet, the badge from the commander to the five-star admiral, and some badges worn by golf and country club members are typical examples of such embroidery badges.

2. Print the badge. The color and text of the pattern can be printed on the cloth to form a badge by printing and spraying. However, its durability and wearability are very different from the requirements. The advantage of this method is that it can be produced in small quantities because the cost of the equipment is very low.

3. Weave badges. Weave badges are similar to the trademarks on shirts and jackets. A large number of badges can be made on the trademark machine and it looks like a trademark. They lack the three-dimensional effect of embroidery, and the color is very expensive, and the wearing effect is not as good as the embroidery. The main advantage is that you can make the text small and smaller than any other way. The woven badges are produced according to the weaving process, and the woven fabric is woven at the same time. Such as Custom Tupac Patches.

4. Photo badge. This badge requires a 4-color negative, which is segregated and printed on a polyester cloth by sublimation. The badge and the hot stamping film stick together and harden, then edging. In this way, color photographs are directly imprinted on the fabric to form the final badge.

5. Fleece badge. The velvet embroidered badge is embroidered on a special bobbinless sewing machine with wool or thick threads forming a circular chain stitch.

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